They guys that cam out did a good job.

Gene M. | Naperville, IL
October 12, 2017

Although the paint job itself was very well done, dust containment seemed to be more of an issue than for past paint jobs. Maybe it was because this time there was probably more patching and sanding done. Each day when the painters left there was quite a bit of white dust on floors, moldings and furniture. They seemed to be covering things, so I am not sure what happened, or whether it was preventable. But I did have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Marc & Cindy W. | Bolingbrook, IL
October 11, 2017

Guys were on-time. Professional. Friendly. Did their job well. Did a nice job.

Tim & Lynne Y. | Plainfield, IL
October 10, 2017

The men were attentive and cleanliness was good as they always picked up after themselves.

Dave & Dawn K. | Plainfield, IL
October 10, 2017

Can't even tell where the repairs were needed. The crews were polite and hard working, they did a great job.

Mary M. | Bolinbrook, IL
October 5, 2017

For the estimate you were on time, professional and polite. Talked about the materials you'd use and why. Great first impression.

For the job, the workers were on time, neat, clean professional, hard-working. Great second impression. And the work was completely to my satisfaction.

Great impressions all around.

Julie B. | Plainfield, IL
September 28, 2017

Everything was wonderful. They did a beautiful job. Finished a day early. They don't move furniture. We had trouble getting our hutch back in place. We had new carpet installed. Kept it away from the wall for the painters. It's gorgeous.

Charles R. | Bolingbrook, IL
September 27, 2017

Everything was positive. They were very nice. Did a very good job.

Larry F. | Shorewood, IL
September 26, 2017

The project turned out better than expected, and completed in a professional timely manner.

Adam & Christina G. | Joliet, IL
September 23, 2017

They did a great job.

Mir A. | Plainfield, IL
September 21, 2017